In-Zeit-Sprung is drawing a window on your skin and daring to jump inside to meet your inner movement, which is craving to express itself on the canvas of the world.

In-Zeit-Sprung is a documentary filmed at the Rosenhof in Schwand (Black Forest, Germany). It tells the story of men and women over 40 who take part in an innovative dance theater project created by the Catalan dancer and choreographer Pilar Buira Ferre.

Over the course of seven months of continuous bodywork, and by participating in various artistic workshops such as sculpture, painting, singing, and bodypercussion, the group enters a human process which also becomes an invitation to discover themselves. In the end, the result of this process is presented to the world in several live performances. The whole project is a beautiful meshwork composed of intertwined human experiences that breathe presence, tenderness, and beauty.

Gabriel Flain’s sensitive gaze accompanies these people on a journey towards themselves, adding his subtle strokes to the many different scenarios; revealing to us that the distance between the stage floor and the ground we tread in everyday life is separated only by the mind. A delicate metaphor of how life is, when we dare to dance it, a fantastic choreography in which we are given a precious opportunity to discover ourselves beyond the limits“.

Pilar Buira Ferre ·

A film by Gabriel Flain for the unevisual project · feel, film & flow ©2019